Dear Readers of “No 5G Australia”,

What an incredible moment in time we are experiencing.  There is a literal shift happening in every fold of existence from planetary alignments to the microscopic air we breathe.  Everything about our world is being challenged and nothing will come forth unchanged.  How we come out of this is up to us, the individual, as this is clearly no longer a spectator sport.  We are each responsible for the future we bring.

Our world has reached a crossroad and each person is forced to make a choice.

The “matrix” is about to get real.  Humanity has been operating moving along the path designed by corporate interests backed by the cabal.  Our lifestyle, jobs, education, finances have all been designed and controlled by these human handlers.  Over the last century, we have been absorbing the programming, now embracing the idea that human progress mean humans must meld with machine as a natural next evolution.  This seemingly necessary step involves a recombinant future with the AI, or Artificial Intelligence, and a new human race altered and subjected to genetic engineering, manipulation and material will emerge from this most unholy union.

Anything “real”, even the meaning of the word itself has always been a threat to the globalist’s plan.  And so they pervert it as they do all the other wholesome words like “sustainability”, “cell”, “smart”, “cloud” and so forth.  Further perverting the word, they now attach the word “augmented” to the word “real” to become “augmented reality”.  This new term hijacked for the same purpose to bring on what the globalists now deem “mixed reality” means augmented senses will become a part of their new world order plan.  But how are they going to achieve what should really be called “confused reality”?  It will be through the Internet of Things (IoT) brought on by the technology called 5G.  This is the reason for their current haste in its rollout regardless of the vehement opposition by people worldwide.  They have their agenda they want put in place and played out and have chosen this year, 2020, to bring on the technocracy in full force.

Since the beginning of 2020 and within three short months, global decisions using a so-called “pandemic” have violently wrenched the roots of society in every corner of the world with such traumatic force it has left even the most resilient and seasoned wakeful “truth” leaders panicked.  The stress and unrest are then continuously felt throughout the daily onslaught of news feed streaming through YouTube and social media.  Thanks to the internet and its speed at which information flows proves how singular our societies has already become in this world of information exchange.  For these reasons the ability to connect in this way has been a gift.  We truly are living in the “Information Age”. 

When used responsibly, the internet helps us gather important intel and stay ever more connected in this new socially distanced world.  Yet, this same internet is quickly morphing into a curse now censoring and threatening the freedom of access in ways we did not.  We are already seeing the beginnings of this new world system emerging.  Several countries are already using the viral “pandemic” as excuse to harness complete totalitarian control utilizing the powers of the Internet of Things (IoT) to gather all minute data to track, trace, and control everything from financial records, medical and vaccination records, social relations, physical locations, travels, energy consumption, purchases, and even down to the food we eat.  The IoT will literally touch and control every aspect of human life.  The same tool, the internet, what we use for freedom, the globalists use for complete control.

The technology that supports this IoT is the 5G, 5th generation cellular technology.  But make no mistake, 5G is more than just another hyper-speed cellular connectivity, but enabling the ability to connect billions upon billions of devices to a networked grid utilizing the entire swath of microwave radiation to achieve this.  Currently, under the guise of the COVID threat, instead of stopping deployment, national and local governments together have ramped up the build-out of the 5G with an even higher numbers of cell antennas than there were originally planned before the COVID-19’s so-called “pandemic”.  Suddenly and quietly, cities everywhere are deploying in massive numbers numerous 5G cell antennas without public knowledge, input or due process.  The most alarming have been discoveries of massive clandestine rollouts of the 5G in schools while the residents are locked in quarantine, unknowing and unable to protest in any way. 

In addition to training populations the ability to self-quarantine, certain numbers of global leaders are already practicing and enforcing geofencing and tracking capabilities via smartphones, and later through micro-chipping, RFID chipping, and/or smart tattoos delivered through vaccinations, implantables and embeddables, all falling under their planned universal program called the ID2020, another one of Bill Gates mastermind projects. 

5G technology is the globalist’s tool to bring on the Internet of Things and ID2020.  Their plan is to wirelessly connect every person in perpetuity to a global cloud by way of a network of satellites in space and dense coverage on land of cell towers and small cells, all beaming and blanketing the entire earth with artificial microwaves.  Once chipped with this ID2020, or similar, there will be no escape nor respite from this electronic enslavement and exposures to all these toxic frequencies.

We cannot wait until this plan is imposed upon us with permanence.  It is time to act, not react.  We cannot afford to play the waiting game.  We must act now to prevent this “new world order” from becoming a new hardened reality.  The future of our world is diverging and with it come opportunities, and how we act on these today will define our tomorrow’s future.

There are solutions.  Human ingenuity is resilient and the story can be rewritten.

Human intention is powerful.  It has been proven scientifically that out of our intentions come the material.  We can materialize our world through the powers of our thought patterns.  This is why the globalists also want to reduce human emotions because it is our emotions that drive free will and power our world.  Intentions do not come from nowhere, they come from the emotions.  And the dark handlers know this.  This is one of the central reasons we need to shut out our obsessions and addictions to cellphone use.  Not shut off but shut out – a deliberate act to do something with mindful intention.  Since your smartphone is a part of the Internet of Things, do you realize that all your attention being poured into that one device is actually fueling the very IoT itself?  To stop this 5G IoT madness we need to stop encouraging its growth.  Humanity needs to stop pouring and wasting their powerful intentions into this AI through our portable virtual reality device called the smartphone.

Giving up your smartphone and redirecting your mindfulness gives vitality to all the living things and events in your life that deserves your attention.  Do you realize why we were placed here on earth?  The earth needs us, it needs our good intentions.

If you don’t want to get tracked and traced it is time to get rid of your smartphone.  It may be time to learn to live life without a smartphone.  This is probably the most liberating step you can take in staying ahead of the matrix.  Not only will it relieve you of unnecessary exposures to toxic microwave radiation, you will no longer be digitally tethered and “watched”.  Other unexpected benefits will be a renewed sense of freedom, well-being, and sudden bursts of creativity.  If that isn’t enough to entice, how does this sound – your mindful outpouring of intentions back into the real world will no longer fuel the AI Beast Tech but charge all the life around you with positivity, wildlife, birds, bees, plant life, friends, family, community.  If we all give up our wireless devices, we will put a wrench in the globalists masterplan that is dependent upon us using their tools of destruction.  By stopping the connection between the cellphone and the Internet of Thing, you break the bond, and prevent the IoT’s electronic noose from wrapping its invisible controlling tentacles around you.  And you will be better prepared to say “no” if micro-chipping becomes commonplace or mandatory.

Feelings of fear can be minimized if one has made resolute decision in advance their personal plans and actions if ascertained mandates are forced upon humanity at any point in time, whether they are test kits, vaccines, vaccine chipping with the ID2020.  Make your decision in advance then the right action will naturally follow.  Again, mental preparedness is important and is also related to mindful intention.  These thought patterns you have even before the matrix system is being rolled into place are already having ripple effects in the subtle hidden energies of our world and beyond.  You are already sending signals and messages in a powerful way.

Challenge your decisionmakers and leaders at your city or state hall if they want to put in the 5G/4G infrastructure.  You can also approach them to write into the city ordinances protective language that keeps out the 5G/4G infrastructure.  Educating and informing your leaders is a good start.  And if they do not listen to reason, there are many actions communities the world over have been taking – many new lawsuits against the 5G deployment filed against varying levels of authority, protest demonstrations, petitions, letter writing, and other methods. 

One method I wish to bring to your attention is a contract created and designed to hold leaders and industry accountable through the powers of a “Notice of Liability”.  This legal contract document draws out the individual causing a tort, or harm, against you and holds them personally liable.  These leaders must respond to your claim that whatever agenda they are implementing will not create harm or damage to you in any way.  While it strips the respondent or libellee the ability to hide behind corporations or agencies, this method elevates the claimant to the highest level of authority as a free and sovereign person.  I have created such a Notice of Liability document against the Internet of Things and can be used against anyone and against any device as long as it emits electromagnetic frequencies of all kinds or supports this agenda.  I have spent over two years working on this document and it is finally available for use.  More information is available down below at the bottom of the article where it will direct you on how to access this document.

There is new opportunity to create true independence by reassessing and resetting our current socio-economic relationships.  Meaning, it is time to learn real skills.  There’s that word “real” again.  Such as, getting back to the earth and learning simple agrarian skills.  Learn how to treat water and waste products.  Sewing, fixing old cars, even creating diesel oil from old cooking oil, raising bees, tending animals, are skills that may save your life from being forced under a globalist rule.  But these skills should be learned and shared together amongst a community of like-minded and hearted people.  This is an opportunity for folks to take their future seriously and start working to create a community that is not money based but a trading of goods and services.  This is especially urgent as the globalists are moving us in the direction of cryptocurrency.

2020 is the beginning of an opportunity to reinvent OUR world.  Whether we move towards autocratic control or some semblance of it, or not, we do not have to accept it and what is more imperative is we need to stand in OUR authority.  It is time to think creatively and autonomously.  How much respect do you have for what is real and how far and willing are you to fight to keep it?  That is the ultimate question and is now the ultimate test on our individual resolve.  Remember, they have dealt their hand, but we haven’t dealt ours, yet.

In Lightness,

Lena Pu

Environmental Science Researcher


Please visit my website for free access to all my research, blood research (coming soon) and other scientific articles, as well as free access to all written letters and testimonies addressed to the city fighting the 5G/4G deployment available to help you in your battles with your own town.

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