Advanced GQ EMF-390 3-in-1 EMF




Included in the pack:

1 x GQ-390 EMF Radiation detection metre
1x Statutory declaration to be signed by a JP when a breech is detected
4 x Shungite Pucks as a free gift

The Advanced GQ EMF-390 is a multi-function EMF and ELF meter. Originally developed in Seattle, this instrument is a redesign of classic EMF meters, now intended to be convenient above all other things. As such, it’s great for general purpose testing, but it also has some ancillary applications to scientific testing and governmental reporting.

Multi-sensor function is essential to being able to deliver an accurate picture of the electromagnetic field. Consequently, you might use the GQ EMF-390 for cell phones, cell towers, power lines, and so on. The sky is the limit, and in a literal sense.

You also receive, for FREE, 4 x Shungite, EMF absorbing pucks when you purchase our meter!

How can orgonite help with EMF/WIFI sensitivity?
Most people use orgonite pyramids or orgonite products to reduce cell tower radiation (and cell phones), reduce EMF and WIFI related problems.
Some people like to refer to the orgonite in terms of cell tower radiation as a tower buster. We’ll do anything to reduce the harmful effects in and around the radiation towers.
Orgonite can be specifically helpful for people who are sensitive to EMF and Wi-Fi frequencies and are said to be a form of EMF protection.

GQ-390 EMF Meter Product Features:

  • Multiple high sensitivity sensors installed for detecting Power line, Smart meter, Cell phone, Microwave etc.
  • Identify/recognise the common possible sources, such as Power line, Cell Tower, Microwave, Static etc.
  • Safety suggestion lets you understand current situation instantly.
  • RF up to 10 Ghz and EMF up to 400 Khz.
  • Built-in RF Spectrum analyser and GQ RF Browser for real time RF monitoring.

GQ-390 EMF Meter Product Specifications:

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm